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I came in contact with photography in my early age, by my grandfather who was a passionated photographer. Because of him, I took my first look through the viewfinder of my first camera that he gave to me, the Minolta SR-T 101b. In my early times of photography, I only took a few snapshots of the family holidays or our pets, but I gained more and more experience in the field of photography. So I got a good feeling for composition and athmosphere. My family had always the habitude to catch all important happenings on film. So my father took many shots with his Minolta Dynax 5000i . He has donated to me this special camera and all his other cameras, for example a Practica MB, a Practica MLT5, a Reflecta II, a Rolleiflex Standard, a Balga and a Kodak Mini-Instamatic S40. When my father saw my progress in photography and layout, he donated to me all his cameras and lenses. Hereby, you can see, that my whole family is infected by photography.

I started my development by taking only snapshots and photographs in my college days. I commenced in the wide field of street photography, where my role models were Henri Cartier-Bresson and Vivian Meyer. I made progress in Street-Photography, and I had a remarkable help by my dear friend Bastian Drolshagen, who let me take my first steps in digital photography with his Nikon D90, and he was as well the man, who had familiarized me to my favorite digital camera, the Fuji X E-1. As you will see by scrolling through my website i am also an black and white enthusiast.


For the people who are interested in the equipment

i have a few cameras:

Minolta SR-T 101

Minolta SR-T 101b

Kiev 4M

Praktica ML

Praktica MTL 5

Rolleiflex K2 Standard

Reflekta 2

Agfa Clack

Minolta Dynax 7000i

Fuji X-E 1

Ben and Howell G-145

Kodak Instamatic

A Baldalett from 1924