Story from the Street #3

Hey Folks,

I think it’s time for another part of the street stories section. As you might have noticed I share my experience made while shooting in the streets here and today I want to share another story with you here.


Recently, I was walking through the Schiller park at Landau, it’s located near the city center and a nice place to spend hot summer days at. My main aim at this day was practicing composition and I wasn’t expecting something special to happen. But oftentimes special things happen when you expect them least. After I took the first photo shown here,


I noticed some older man sitting on a bench with his head on his hands who seemed to be really sad. Capturing emotions can be considered a crucial part of street photography, but this time I was really struggling if I should capture this moment or not. I decided to approach him asking for permission and if he was alright. He immediately agreed to having his photo taken and told me I could take as many photos as I want, but he also mentioned he didn’t understand why I wanted to take his photo at all. We had a little talk during which I told him why I wanted to take his photo and that the expression on his face was quite interesting and as we continued talking the ice broke and he told me about his shattered family, as well as his past involving alcohol and narcotics.

He was in a mental hospital for a year and a bit and also had other struggles in his life due to the narcotics. Apart from that, he talked about his few years in a medical institution due to his drug abuse. Because of all this, he also has some issues with his family and is truly sad about how things went wrong in his life. I tried to give him certainty that I don’t judge him and that it is okay to tell other people about his problems and feelings. After we had our conversation and I took his photo, I helped him roll a cigarette and we smoked together. Then I went on with my tour, but still didn’t forget him. Maybe you understand why I decided to talk to him and asking for his portrait when you see the expression on his face I captured, a mix up off feelings but mostly sad and full of pain.

I hope you enjoyed this little story and if you wish you can leave me a comment.



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  1. Joachim Schubert
    28. September 2015 at 12:17

    du könntest ganze Fotoserien von Parkbankphilosophen und ihren Stories machen. Es ist in Einzelfällen teilweise faszinierend, sehr, sehr häufig Mitleid erregend und nahezu immer nur die halbe Wahrheit. Wichtig sind die Bilder, das Foto. Die Stories ändern sich of sehr schnell. Lasse dich nicht entmutigen, mache weiter so. DasLeben ist bunt aber bestimmt nicht immer harmonisch.

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